Lamination Stacks for Fan Motors in China

As a leading manufacturer of lamination stacks for fan motors in China, we take pride in our expertise and commitment to excellence. Specializing in the production of high-quality fan motor laminations, our company stands out for its dedication to precision and innovation. We adhere to stringent manufacturing standards, ensuring that our lamination stacks meet the highest industry benchmarks.

With a focus on delivering reliable and efficient solutions, our fan motor laminations are tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Choose us for top-notch motor lamination stacks that guarantee optimal performance in fan motors.

Customize Motor Lamination Stacks For Fan Motors

With expertise in producing high-precision and closely toleranced electrical steel laminations, our company specializes in crafting custom stators and rotors for fan motors. Ranging in size from 12 to 20 inches, our tailored manufacturing process caters to various fan motors types such as ceiling fans, duct fan motors, and industrial fans. This allows us to meet specific requirements and deliver superior performance.

Our commitment to precision ensures optimal functionality and efficiency in every fan motor we produce. Whether for residential or industrial applications, our customized stator and rotor solutions guarantee reliable and high-performance fan motors, meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

ceiling fan motor cores

Ceiling Fan Motor Rotors & Stator

BLDC fan motor laminations

BLDC fan motor core lamination

industrial fan motor stator rotor laminations

industrial fan stator rotor lamination

exhaust fan motor lamination stacks

exhaust fan motor lamination stacks

Fan Motor Laminations Stamping Die

celling fan lamination stamping die

Crafting the heart of fan motor laminations lies in our precision-engineered stamping dies.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom stamping dies for fan motor core laminations. Our experienced team can provide consultation and advice based on your molding needs. We use advanced CAD/CAM software to ensure the accuracy of motor core stamping die design and manufacturing. Therefore, we can stamp motor laminations for different types of motors.

Our mold manufacturing capabilities include CNC machining, EDM, wire EDM, and surface grinding. The stamping dies feature precision design, meticulous engineering, and premium materials to ensure long-lasting quality.


Quality Control For Fan Motor Stators And Rotors

quality control of motor lamination

We have rigorous quality control measures for fan motor stators and rotors.

Beginning with raw materials, our quality control team ensures the integrity of the inputs, focusing on aspects like silicon steel sheet quality and precision in cutting.

Throughout the manufacturing process, real-time monitoring ensures adherence to design specifications, and any deviation prompts immediate corrective action. The final products undergo comprehensive testing for dimensions, durability, and performance.

Our quality control measures, including advanced testing equipment and skilled technicians, guarantee that each fan motor stator and rotor leaving our facility meets the highest industry standards. Trust in our dedication to quality for reliable and efficient fan motors.


Our fan motor lamination material is high-quality silicon steel. Silicon steel lamination is chosen for its excellent magnetic properties, enhancing the efficiency and performance of fan motors.

This material ensures optimal energy utilization, durability, and precision in our lamination stacks. Trust in the superior quality of silicon steel to elevate the capabilities of your fan motor, providing a reliable and efficient solution for various applications.

Absolutely, our commitment to customization extends to tailoring lamination stacks for specific fan motor sizes.

Whether you require components for residential ceiling fans or industrial ventilation systems, our manufacturing expertise allows us to create precise lamination stacks that seamlessly integrate with your specified motor dimensions.

Experience the advantage of tailored solutions, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for fan motors of varying sizes.

Looking for a Fan Motor Laminations Manufacturer in China?

Elevate your fan motor manufacturing with our precision-engineered lamination stacks. As a trusted industry leader in China, we specialize in crafting customized solutions for various electric motors. Experience the seamless synergy of advanced technology, top-quality materials, and tailored designs. Our commitment to excellence ensures optimal fan motor performance.

If you seek a reliable partner for your lamination needs, connect with us today. Let’s collaborate to bring innovation, efficiency, and durability to your fan motor applications. Contact us now for a reliable partnership in fan motor lamination manufacturing.